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Oxylator® outperforms bag-valve, in the European Journal of Anaesthesiology Oxylators® reviewed in the Journal of Emergency Medical Services
Oxylator® bests bag-valve in peer-review studies Oxylators® reviewed in JEMS magazine

The First Clinical Experiences with the
Oxylator® EM-100

R. C. van Urk and B. J. Teunissen

Introduction | The Oxylator® EM100 | Evaluation Form and Results | Case Reports | Conclusions

The Oxylator® EM-100

The Oxylator® EM-100 is a pressurized respirator which can double as an O2 inhaler, to replace the commonly used AMBU self-inflating bag, or the Water-set (with a minimum gas flow of 10 litres). The Oxylator® EM-100, which is made from Acetal plastic, is extremely easy to handle, due to its weight (500 g), diameter (57 mm) and height (108 mm). It has a residual volume t1 of 20 ml and a maximum inspiration flow of 40 L/minute. The automatic setting of the respirator yields a Respired Volume of 12 to 16 L per minute. The inspiration-expiration ratio (I:E) ranges from 1:1 to 1:2. The automatic setting also yields a Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) of 2 to 4 cmH2O.

The system is driven by O2 with a pressure of 3.0 to 5.5 bar at a continuous minimum flow rate of 100 L per minute. The oxygen coupling meets standard DISS and ISO requirements and is fitted with a rapid coupling. The Oxylator® EM-100 has been designed to apply artificial respiration to patients with little or no breathing function, under emergency conditions. The body weight of patients should be no less than 10 kg. The integrated coupling, with an internal diameter of 15 mm and an external diameter of 22 mm, can be attached to either a mask or an endotracheal tube. Respiration can be done either by hand or automatically, by depressing and/or adjusting the gold-coloured inhalation switch on the Oxylator® EM-100. The maximum inspiratory pressure can also be adjusted over a range of 25-50 cmH20.

The Oxylator® EM-100 can also be used as an inhaler in patients who breathe spontaneously; in that case, the air to be inhaled can be enriched with 0 to 15 L O2 per minute. In case of airway obstruction, the Oxylator® EM-100 emits a fast clicking sound (main valve).

Operation of the Oxylator® EM-100 is not affected by extreme temperature changes.
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